Ottawa Japanese Community Development Fund

Do you have a new idea to promote Japanese culture or an innovative program you feel the Ottawa Japanese community could support? The Ottawa Japanese Community Development Fund has been supporting such new initiatives since 2005.

Main Goals

  • To revive and advance our community by encouraging new initiatives of either a social or cultural nature
  • To encourage members of younger generations to participate more in community

Basic Guidelines

I – What kind of Projects can be supported?

Projects which:

  • Promote Japanese or Japanese-Canadian culture and art within the Ottawa area
  • Address social development issues within the Ottawa Japanese-Canadian community
  • Promote public education about the Japanese-Canadian Community
  • Research issues of concern to the Japanese-Canadian community

II – Who Can Apply?

  • Not-for-profit or community-based organizations based in Canada
  • Private enterprises (non-profit making)
  • Individuals

III – When can proposals be submitted?

April 1st – June 1st

IV – When can projects begin?

  • September 1st – August 31st (OJCA/OJCC fiscal year)

Note: As long as a project starts within this period, it is eligible for funding

V – How much funding is available?

  • Up to $1,000

Note: The budget of OJCA/OJCC for the Community Development Fund is set at a maximum of $1,000 per fiscal year. Thus, the number of fund recipients and amounts will be determined by Community Development Fund Selection Committee within this budget.

For More Information

Please email at:
Ottawa Japanese Community Association/Ottawa Japanese Cultural Centre

Past Recipients

2005. Children’s Taiko Group
2006. Soprano Concert
2007. “Sakura Tree” Book Exhibition
2008. Ottawa Ondo
2009. History project
2010. None
2011. None
2012. None
2013. Matt Miwa’s Tashme Project
2014. Ken Galloway’s documentary film production
2015. None