Two Japanese movies will be available in June!

My Small Land” and ” The Zen Diary ” will be screened at ByTowne Cinema in Ottawa in June.

Don’t miss out!

The Zen Diary: June 24, 4:15 pm & June 26, 4:00 pm, June 29 6:30pm

Those who watch the movie will receive merchandise provided by the sponsor, such as tea and bags! The number of products is limited.

Adapted from Tsutomu Mizukami’s book, “The Zen Diary” follows Tsutomu, a writer who lives alone in the mountains, writing essays, cooking food with vegetables he grows and mushrooms he picks in the hills. 

His routine is happily disturbed when Machiko, his editor/love interest, occasionally visits to pester him for his next manuscript. She loves to eat, and he loves to cook for her. Tsutomu seems content with his daily life. However, a close brush with death will now force him to decide on what he values most in life and what he must choose going forward.

This gentle, thoughtful drama considers the importance of aligning one’s life with the natural world’s flavours and rhythms.

The Zen Diary” Official teaser (ENG sub)

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My Small Land : June 20, 6:30 pm

“My Small Land” is a 2022 Japanese-French drama film. The director is Emma Kawada, who makes her directorial debut. Depicts the Kurdish problem in Japan. Lina Kahafizadeh, her first movie appearance and her first starring role, was highly praised for her performance in this work and won various awards.

My Small Land English Subtitled Trailer

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